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Activities and Events

Community Learning Center sponsors exciting and educational extracurricular activities to support our holistic teaching approach, enhance the curriculum, improve students' education, foster leadership, build community, and increase student retention. CLC's activities include field trips, celebrations, and other special events for students and their families.

See our 2007-2008 Calendar below.
      2006 Holiday Crafts

      Field Trips

      AquariumIn recent years, CLC has conducted trips for students and their families to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland, and the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey. Each participating child has received a book with a marine theme to read at home.

      Winterthur MuseumBenefiting from Winterthur's educational outreach program, CLC students and their families have enjoyed outings to the historic home and country estate of Henry Francis du Pont (1880-1969), renowned horticulturalist and collector of American decorative arts, in Delaware. 

      Opera and Theatre — In collaboration with the Opera Company of Philadelphia's Sounds of Learning Program, each year we provide our students with the opportunity to attend the final dress rehearsal of an opera at the Academy of Music. These dramatic musical performances have included, for example, Il Trovatore, Pearl Fishers, Margaret Garner, and Falstaff. In 2008, we will attend the final dress rehearsal of Cyrano. Before and after the event, students learn about the opera and its libretto and historical context. 

      CLC students also have opportunities to attend professional and community theatre productions. In November 2006, students and supporters of Community Learning Center attended the performance of Christopher Sergel’s dramatization of To Kill a Mockingbird at the Old Academy, a nonprofit community theatre located in the East Falls section of Philadelphia, where Grace Kelly began her acting career. The performance coincided with CLC learners’ study of To Kill a Mockingbird. Consistent with CLC’s holistic, thematic approach to education, students learned about the story’s historical setting, including the Great Depression, the Roosevelt Administration, and the customs and mores of the South during the era of segregation. The 1930s theme even extended to CLC’s math curriculum, which included solving problems involving statistics from this time period. In June 2007, learners attended the Old Academy Players' production of another Depression Era story, Tennessee Williams's The Glass Menagerie, which featured former Community Learning Center teacher Jennifer Williamson in the role of Laura Wingfield.

      Ballet — In 2007, CLC students and family members enjoyed the Pennsylvania Ballet’s final dress rehearsals of Dracula and Quartet for IV (and sometimes one, two, or three…) and Lambarena, a dynamic, innovative, emotion-filled work blending classical ballet with African dance and illustrating the universality of the languages of music and dance. 

      Community Learning Center students and family members attended the Philadelphia Orchestra's Intercultural Journeys program in 2007. Part of the Family Concert Series, the program featured Arab and Israeli music. In 2008, CLC will conduct a trip to The Composer Is Dead, a musical fictional mystery in which each member of the orchestra is a suspect.


      Holiday Party
      — CLC students enjoy our multicultural holiday party. Besides refreshments and music, the event features craft activities relating to Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah,  Las Posadas, Ramadan, and the Chinese Lunar New Year.

      Awards and Graduation Celebration — In June, we celebrate the special achievements of CLC learners. Students and their families gather for an awards and graduation celebration. Teachers honor individual students for their unique accomplishments — from mastering multiplication to obtaining employment to becoming proficient in Internet research — during the past school year. Those who passed all five sections of the GED test dress in cap and gown and inspire others by speaking about overcoming past obstacles and planning new goals.

      Other Special Events

      Family Literacy Initiative
      — CLC distributes books to students and encourgages students to read to their families.

      Book Drive For more than a decade, CLC has conducted an annual holiday book drive to inspire students to read more themselves and to their families. Our book drive enables us to provide our students with new children's books to give as holiday presents to the youngsters in their families. 

      Essay Contest — We encourage students to submit essays for our yearly contest. Students write about one of three designated topics, and submissions are evaluated for content, originality, organization, language use, choice of detail, and creativity. The winning essays appear in Community Learning Center's Student Book of Writing, which is published annually and includes many other student essays, poems, stories, and letters, written throughout the academic year.

      CLC students say...

      At CLC I learned how to communicate with other people. Now I feel better because I can speak and write a little more in English. My first language is Spanish. — Georgina

      Community Learning Center has given me the chance to succeed. I have learned that self-discipline and the will to excel must be present at every class. — Jonathan

      Because of CLC I can read books and watch TV. Sometimes I can talk to someone in English. My teacher helps me to speak English one on one. I want to learn to speak English, and I want to write English. It is good for me because it is difficult to not understand. — Trang

      CLC has made me feel better about filling out job applications. I have also learned my multiplication facts. When I first came to CLC, I didn’t know any of them. — Brian

      It feels good to learn and come to class. I want to learn more English to help my children with homework. — Nilsa

      Because of CLC, I have a different outlook and want more out of life. What's more, I have learned self-discipline. — Bill

      Going to CLC classes helped me a lot with reading. Now I like to read more, and I am more self-confident. I read aloud and I participate more. — Vanessa

      Calendar of Events, 2007-2008

      First Days of Classes — Monday and Tuesday, September 10 and 11
      Trip to U.S. Constitution Center, Thursday, October 11
      Trip to Academy of Music, Final Dress Rehearsal, Dracula, Friday, October 26
      Trip to Philadelphia Mint, Wednesday, November 7
      Thanksgiving Holiday, CLC Closed — Thursday and Friday, November 22 and 23
      Last Day of Classes before Winter Holiday — Tuesday, December 18
      Classes Resume — Wednesday, January 2
      Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, CLC Closed  — Monday, January 21
      Trip to Academy of Music, Final Dress Rehearsal, Opera Company of Philadelphia's Cyrano Wednesday,
      February 6
      Trip to Adventure Aquarium, Camden, New Jersey — Monday, February 18, Presidents' Day
      Trip to the Kimmel Center, Philadelphia Orchestra Program, The Composer is Dead — Monday, April 14
      Memorial Day, CLC Closed  — Monday, May 26
      Awards and Graduation Ceremony — Wednesday, June 4
      Carmella Lockhart
      Anna at FalstaffCelinette Olmo
      Baltimore Aquarium
      Evelyn Stevenson and her Grandchildren

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