Mission Statement

Community Learning Center's mission is to help adults develop literacy skills so that they can enrich their own and their families' lives, increase economic independence, and effect positive change in their communities. CLC is committed to fostering personal growth and economic self-sufficiency and to encouraging students (and staff) to further their education and pursue life-long learning. We assist our learners in seeking employment and admission to colleges and job training programs. CLC is also dedicated to helping our students work on the social issues that often interfere with the attainment of goals, such as poverty, crime, violence, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, sexism, and racism.

Core Values

Access to Education
CLC values access to education for all students and their families. We seek to promote individual growth and community change through life-long learning.

Mutual Responsibility
CLC fosters a shared commitment to learning with an expectation of excellence for both teachers and students.

CLC respects the life experience that our learners bring into the classroom. We provide a nurturing place for learning and sharing, with curriculum that is sensitive to our students' needs.

Holistic Approach to Teaching and Learning
CLC meets the needs of its learners using student-centered teaching techniques, with an emphasis on individual attention. Our holistic approach honors teachers as learners and learners as teachers.